Free Personalized Wedding Websites

FREE Wedding Websites From Viva Las Vegas Weddings

When you purchase or make a deposit on your Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony, Commitment Ceremony, Renewal of Vows, or any ceremony at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, your purchase includes a FREE wedding website. When your order has been processed we will create your personalized wedding website, email your account details, and Viva Las Vegas wedding invitation.

Once you have logged in to your wedding website, you can update your names and other wedding details, upload photos to your photo viewer, and update your wedding blog.

Live Wedding Web Streaming

Live Video Web Streaming & 30-Day Archive - Only! $50

For $50.00 we can stream your Las Vegas wedding live on the internet so all of your family and friends can watch. Included is a 30-Day Wedding Archive so you and your loved ones can enjoy repeated viewings of your ceremony on your wedding webpage.

  Live Streaming & 30-Day Archive - Only! $50

  Live Streaming & 90-Day Archive - Only! $75

Web and Video Archive

Additional Video Archive Time

Once your video archive has expired you can purchase additional storage time. We offer extended video archive services of 30 Days and 90 Days. Requires the purchase of Live Video Streaming.

  Add 30-Days to Your Archive - $15.00

  Add 90-Days to Your Archive - $25.00

Wedding Invitation

Free Wedding Invitation

We send you a wedding invitation that contains details about your wedding ceremony that you can email to your loved ones.