Wedding Ceremony

Catherine Lawrence &
Robert Bricker

On  November 19th, 2016
at   5:00 pm, PST

In  The Main Chapel


Welcome to our wedding website! We are so excited that we can share this fun and fabulous event with all of you out there in internet-land! If you can't make it to Las Vegas for the wedding (and, let's face it, why WOULDN'T you??), you can watch the ceremony right here on the live web-cam. So, even if you aren't able to attend in person, you can attend virtually (so, you really have no excuse, now do you??).

How We Met

Since Rob and Cathy met through seems only appropriate that they continue the theme and share their wedding vows with friends and family virtually, as well. From the very first email exchange, these two crazy love birds have been joined at the beaks...and the hands...and the hips...and at other places best not mentioned in public...and are FINALLY making it official after a brief seven year trial run.

The Proposal

In late 2015, Cathy and Rob took a romantic vacation to Italy, with whirlwind tours through Venice, Florence, and Rome. On Christmas Eve, in their hotel room in Venice, Rob popped the question by presenting Cathy with a ring box...made out of Legos and with a Lego bride and groom inside the box holding the most beautiful ring Cathy had ever seen. Cathy, being the smart-ass that she is, said "This is beautiful...but are you really not actually going to ask me??" At which point Rob started laughing and proceeded to do it correctly by getting down on his knees and asking Cathy to be his bride and his love forever. She, not being stupid, said "YES!".

A Las Vegas Wedding

As for the decision to have a Las Vegas wedding...Rob and Cathy have both had traditional weddings in their past lives (which obviously did NOT work out) and have attended many traditional weddings of family and friends. For this celebration, they would like to have a ceremony that is both fun AND memorable. And what would be more memorable than having the cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show serenade them and perform the ceremony for them in front of all the people they care about most?

As we are flying home from Las Vegas, please do not bring gifts to the ceremony (or down to Las Vegas at all) as we will not have any way to get them home in our luggage. We already have everything that we need, just having each other, so please don't feel like you need to purchase a wedding gift. If you feel that you REALLY want to give us a gift to celebrate, we are registered at

We love you all and hope that you can be a part of our special day!


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