Wedding Ceremony

Timothy Veihl &
Joseph Grenlund

On  September 10th, 2015
at   7:30 pm, PST

In  The Gazebo Chapel


To our family and friends, although you may not be we us physically to share in this moment of our lives, you will be there in our hearts. Love to you all!  Tim & Joe

How We Met

This is actually an interesting story. The first time we met was actually 2 years before the "first" time we met. LOL There was a birthday get together that I (Tim) was invited to. Joe was there as well but we were both with other people at the time. We were introduced and that was the extent of the night. There was something that clicked with me though and I kept finding myself glancing over at him. I can't say what it was for sure but there was just something about him.

Two years later we met again for the first time. This time around we met through his best friend Ron. We spent time together on and off and were able to start a friendship from there. A year later we started seeing each other and the rest they say, is history.

The Proposal

There was actually 2 different proposals, one from me and then one from Joe, 2 years apart.

   I was the first to propose back in February of 2013, Valentine's Day to be exact. We had gone on vacation to Playa De Carmen with our friends John and Jamie. We arrived at the resort and before we left the room to explore we exchanged cards. Mine was more like a box, and inside were these little hearts that you could write stuff on, like things you loved about the other person. I did that on all but the last one and on that I wrote "Will you marry me?" Keep in mind this was shortly after it passed the Senate but had not yet passed the House to legalize same sex marriage in Illinois. But Joe never gave an answer.

   Jump forward to March of 2015. Once again we were in Mexico, this time on Isla Mujeres (off the coast of Cancun). Now in the time between we had talked on and off about getting married, the consensus being we would do so on our 15th anniversary which would be May 19, 2015. Even though we had talked about it there was never a YES given by Joe. So I jokingly told him that my proposal was off the table due to "the stature of limitations running out" and that he would have to be the one to propose. I really didn't think he would do so but it was out there. I figured it would be a mutual decision and that we would just go do it. I was wrong

   We were about half way through our vacation and had went out to eat with the people we had spend the week with, altogether about 13 of us. It was the last night for the Manley family and friends to be there so we were celebrating out at the beach café of the resort. We had finished eating and were just sitting around talking and having a good time. Somehow the subject of us getting married came up again and we started joking around about it. The next thing I know, Joe stands up, pushes a chair out of the way, drops to one knee....and asks me to marry him. Of course I said yes, I think it was actually "Damn straight!" There was cheering and clapping, both from our friends and the other folks at the café that night. The whole proposal could not have been better, in a place we love, surrounding by great friends.

   There were 2 things that I found out later.....1) Joe had been planning to propose all along but couldn't figure out the right time and 2) Linda, one of the ladies with us, pushed him a little here and there! LOL

A Las Vegas Wedding

When we talked about getting married, we knew we wanted something simple but nice. We didn't really want to do it in a church, thought about a beach, even our backyard I think. There just really wasn't any place around Quincy that excited either of us. We didn't want anything big and flashy, just a few friends to help us celebrate.

We had originally made plans to go on vacation with our friends Anita and Roger. The first choice was New Orleans because I had always wanted to go there (still do) and we hadn't yet.  When we got engaged, the first thing I did was look and see if same sex marriage was legally recognized there but discovered it was not yet. Someone had mentioned Las Vegas so I did some research and found out it was legal in Nevada. I sent a message to Anita and asked if they would mind switching locations. Once I told her why the vacation planning began.


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