Wedding Ceremony

Peter Poeschl &
Christina Henrich

On  April 16th, 2019
at   6:00 pm, PST

In  The Doo Wop Diner

Welcome to the fabulous wedding of Christina & Peter

We warmly welcome you to our Crazy-In-Love Wedding Website in Viva Las Vegas. Join our unique and unforgettable wedding hosted by the King of Rock'n'Roll himself - Mr. Elvis Presley. Share with us our perfect moment in life when we say "We do". The ceremony starts at 6 pm (local time). For all who'll join us via broadcast from Austria, reserve April 17th, 2019, at 3 am (Austrian time). ;)

Kindest regards,

Christina & Peter

How We Met

Oh that's a very fascinating and funny story. :) In August 2012 we met the first time having a blind date at the most popular rendezvous-meeting place in Graz, the Weikhard clock. After a wonderful dinner at the Toronas, we went for a walk on the Schlossberg. Very classic. :) It was night and sometimes it was a little bit of scary because we have been the only one on the Schlossberg. A couple of times Christina thought "oh hopefully, Peter is a good man and not a psycho." :D And finally, he was... a good man. Yeah!!! He was a gentleman. And as a gentleman, he accompanied her home. Nevertheless, Peter is a courageous guy, and in the first night he was very venturesome, wanting to get a kiss from her when they said goodbye. Not only a "Bussi". He didn't get. ;) Since then we are in love and we are very happy. Hopefully living together to infinity and beyond!

The Proposal

It was at the Christmas Eve in 2017. We celebrated Christmas, singing together in front of the Christmas tree and unwrapping the gifts. It was a wonderful evening. Except that Peter apparently was a little bit nervous. He was drinking the red wine very fast and he disappeared for a long time in the bedroom. Christina was wondering what's going on here. As we wanted to put away the gift paper, Peter knelt down... in front of the kitchen. He turned around holding a little black box in the hand. Christina was shocked as she realized what's happening now. Shocked in a positive way of course. ;D Peter said wonderful and lovely things (note Christina: I can't remember exactly what he said to me exactly because the tears flow down my cheek - sheer joy!) and finally he asked her if she wants to marry him. "YESSSS for sure", Christina answered. It was one of the happiest moments of our life. :)

A Las Vegas Wedding

Why we decided to marry in Las Vegas... this is a very simple question. We think we are a very a crazy couple. :D And for a crazy couple, Las Vegas is the right city!!! We love to be unconventionally. And since we are together, now for more than six years, we always said, if we marry then in Las Vegas. :)


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