Wedding Ceremony

William Stark &
Cheyenne Sneed

On  October 12th, 2018
at   3:30 pm, PST

In  The Gazebo Chapel


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How We Met

It was just like any other day, going to the gym to workout with some friends. I (Cheyenne) realized I needed to purchase a key tag in order to get in over night and William just so happen to be up at the front desk helping me out. We talked for a little bit before I went to get a workout in, and I just knew then he was the one ❤️ Ever since that day our love for each other kept growing  and still keeps growing to this day! 

The Proposal

June 23rd was the special day William asked me to marry him. We had a huge get together with a bunch of friends, just having a great time. Little did I know William had a plan. The party is going on and all of a sudden everyone leaves to go outside. Which was a little odd I thought. I was then informed my friend Alyssa had “found” a kitten. Of course I’m going to run outside to see it! I walk outside and she is holding the kitten I then take the kitten from her and start loving on it. The kitten had a collar on and I looked down and saw it said “ will you marry my new daddy”


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