Renewal Of Vows

Bill Lyons &
Jeannie Lyons

On  May 23rd, 2018
at   2:30 pm, PST

In  The Main Chapel

How We Met

      Billy and I met in 1969 on a blind date.  A college roommate of Jeannie's asked her to go in her place. Jeannie did not want to go as the night before she was stood up on a blind date, but after lots of coaxing and bribery, ( It's a double date, you can go in jeans and you will get to see the Grass Roots live.  And the final ...there's a poor guy waiting for someone who want be there.), I hesitantly agreed to go.  I remember being a bit nervous riding down the elevator of my dorm to the lounge where the guys were waiting, right on time.  As soon as I saw the blonde, blue eyes, and dimples...I was attracted to Billy.  Everything from there on was just he had a great personality and we had so much in common.  I felt we could just talk all day and never run out of things to say.  Only one thing stumped me....He said he was a Trainer.  I had no idea what a Trainer was...We live in Wyoming, perhaps he trains horses??  I was embarrassed to ask and did not really understood it until I went to a game and saw him on the field. 

     The concert was in the University of Wyoming Fieldhouse, which had a dirt floor, as they also used it for rodeos.  Kids brought blankets in and laid them out in front of the raised stage they had for the band.  We really had fun dancing in the dirt to some great music!  But this wasn't the end of the date by far.  After the concert we split up and Billy and I ended up taking a walk through Prexies Pasture, which was a grassy field area in the center of the campus buildings.  It was covered in snow and the air was crisp and cold, but we didn't seem to care.  All of a sudden, a snowball came my way and "it was on".  I reciprocated, only I hit him right in the mouth.  He turned around and showed me a front toothless smile!  Oh My God....I knocked his front tooth out!  I really got upset and didn't have a clue on what to do.  Then he sheepishly turned around again and showed me a full smile...all the teeth in tact.  He told me he had his front tooth knocked out when his brother hit him in the face with a shovel, when they were kids.  He really got me.  So there you go..I knew he had a great sense of humor.  By this time s my hands were getting cold and I didn't have any gloves, so Billy gentelly offered his to me.  We continue to walk and talk and I never wanted the date to end.  I think I started loving him that very night and after two weeks I knew this was the man I was going to marry!

The Proposal   

           Billy and I spent every spare minute together throughout my Freshman and his Sophomore year at the University of Wyoming.  When summer came it was a bittersweet time for the both of us as we had to part for the summer and not see each other until the Fall when we returned to UW.  I missed Billy terribly and I know he missed me, too, because he wrote letters back to me and that is pretty good for a guy.  In each letter he'd give me a little hint like "I'm bringing you back a surprise" or I got your surprise today and you are really going to like it.  By the end of the summer one of his letters said "Your surprise is very sparkly".  Now if that doesn't give a girl a Big Hint, I don't know what would.  Anyway, the summer was finally over and I got to borrow the car and go to Denver to pick him up from the airport.  I remember being so excited.  I made a new dress to wear and could hardly wait to see him.  His plane was on time and we were so very happy to see each other again.  We both just smiled and smiled...and we jabbered on about just everything.  We got his bags and headed for the parking lot where I'd parked the car.  We tossed the bags in the trunk and piled inside the car.  The next thing I knew Billy was sitting there with a sparkly wedding ring and he said, "Will you marry me!"  He seemed so excited and as if he couldn't wait a minute longer or he'd burst.  Of course I said "Yes!" and we both agreed we never wanted to be apart that long again.  Looking back over the past 49 years together, we never have ever been apart that long.  I guess you'd have to agree "that's Love" when we couldn't stand being apart and not seeing each other every day.    I remember thanking the Lord for bringing this man into my life and I still thank him every day for that blessing.

A Las Vegas Wedding    

               One day out of the blue,as we were driving down I-44 Billy asked me, "Would you marry me again?"  I said, "Of course in a heartbeat."  Then he said he'd like to get married in Las Vegas this time and just have fun.  We'd had the big, white wedding with all my parents and his parents guests, as well as our friends and followed all the church protocols.  My mother had especially enjoyed helping us with the details,etc. This time we wanted it to be in a fun celebration of 47 years together, with fun music we loved, and our children standing up there with us as witnesses.  We wanted to write our own vows and " just do our own thing" sorta speak.  We are especially happy it will be videocast for all our friends and family to see from afar, without the expense of the trip.  Although, with us being in Las Vegas and all it has to offer, your more than welcome to come and attend the wedding. Please let us know you are planning on attending in person. 

              We also would like to request "No Gifts", but instead would love to hear from you by text, or card.   The main thing is that you join us in spirit as we celebrate 47 years of marriage together with Elvis in Las Vegas.


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