Wedding Ceremony

Randy Pickett, Jr &
Jaimie Dobbs Williams

On  March 14th, 2018
at   6:30 pm, PST

In  The Garden Chapel


Should anyone want a quick trip to Vegas, or just so happen to find yourself there, you're welcome to come to our wedding; we'd love to have you there! If you aren't able to make it to Vegas we completely understand. That's why we're having a party to celebrate when we get back. Come on down to the Kountry Klub in Midlothian on Saturday, 3/17 around 7:00 pm for dance lessons (if you need 'em), or 8:30 pm for some live honky-tonk music and scooting around their historic dance hall floor. It's BYOB and family friendly. The cover charges are $10 for adults and $5 for kids. There will be cupcakes! 

How We Met

We don't really remember NOT knowing each other. Growing up in small town Texas everybody knew everybody. Even in a small school we did not exactly move in the same circles; although we knew each other, we didn't know each other well (think FFA, metal fab, gun totin' boy and the stage-addicted dancing/theater/singer girl). We found each other online after 20 years and realized very quickly that this was meant to be. It's actually a pretty funny story and proof that the friend-zone doesn't have to be permanent. 

The Proposal

Within 6 weeks of dating, we both just knew that this is a when, not an if. When something is right, it's right; don't second guess God.  

A Las Vegas Wedding

Since this is the sequel for us both, we wanted something simple, fun, outdoors, and in a garden. Viva Las Vegas Weddings garden chapel fit the garden I envisioned perfectly.


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