Wedding Ceremony

Erica Rose Brooks &
Annemarie Nava

On  August 13th, 2017
at   1:00 pm, PST

In  The Doo Wop Diner

Welcome to Erica & Annie's DooWop Diner Wedding

How We Met

Back in 2008, we winked at each other on a little Facebook application called "What's up".  Our first date followed shortly after on June 14th. We met in front of the Barnes & Nobles store in Union Square.  Even after nine years, Annie still calls it the Best First Date Ever.  The date started with margaritas and Mexican food, followed by a long stroll to a cute little tavern with great conversations. It was then on to the bar/lounge across the street for a co-workers's birthday party, where we dancing the night away and had our first kiss. With the early bells of morning, we decided we didn't want this date to end so we hopped a cab and went to Brooklyn.  Perfectly at peace, we fell asleep holding each other fully clothed (seriously) on the bed.  The next morning we headed to the street fair right by Bryant park, where Erica first learned about my food allergies and I learned what Nutella was. After some laughing and a Benadryl, we enjoyed our crepes and walked the street fair until we were exhausted from talking and walking. Thus began the adventures of us.  

The Proposal

After reconnecting again on New Years Eve 2016, the first place we visited together in March 2016 was the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx.  Knowing this was a special place for us both, we shared a day together at the Huntington Library & Botanical gardens near our home in California.  After a beautiful day, we had dinner at Malbec and stopped by the Griffith Observatory to watch the stars. After a scenic tour of Griffith park and the closed exit gates, we stopped at our grocery store for gelato.  Annie's spider sense was going off all day thinking there was a proposal in the works during the day.   After arriving home she found herself to be "in the clear"... While cuddling up on the couch eating gelato, Erica surprised Annie with a question and a ring (won by proposing first).  January 14th 2017. 

A Las Vegas Wedding

What is more California than surf boards and sun?  In our opinion, it is Pinup, classic cars, Elvis, and scenes from romantic musicals.  We are crazy in love and honestly what is crazier than having a short notice Las Vegas wedding with Elvis!  


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