Wedding Ceremony

Jillian Lyons &
Matthew Sensenig

On  January 20th, 2018
at   4:00 pm, PST

In  The Main Chapel


How Jillian & Matthew Met

Matthew and Jillian worked at an archival video store called Best Video in Hamden, Connecticut. Matt was a nervous and shy teenager, and Jillian was a young 20s assistant manager, trying to get him out of his shell. Eventually, they became roommates. Then they became friends. Friendship turned into a close bond. And eventually, they started dating. Then broke up.... then dated again... And then again. The third time was most definitely a charm! 

The Proposal

Matt always knew he would marry Jill. After being together for 7 years, it seemed time to clue Jill in on the plan. They started discussing getting married after buying a house together. It just seemed like the right time for the big step. They discussed the idea with their families and friends. Then they picked out a truly unique ring design and had it custom made in the UK. After weeks of waiting, one magical night, while watching RuPaul's Drag Race, Matt proposed to Jillian. Then they snuggled up and watched the season finale with their dog, Molly. 

A Las Vegas Wedding

In a wonderful way, Matthew and Jillian are carrying on a family tradition. Jillian's father and stepmother also got married in Las Vegas, 24 years ago. Matt has traveled all over the world and has never seen Las Vegas. Jillian has always dreamed of going there, drawn in by the lights, the fun, the glamour, and the high camp. This most traditional of untraditional couples decided the only way to honor who they were as a couple, was to head to Viva Las Vegas and get an Elvis to marry them! January 20th can't come soon enough! 


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