Wedding Ceremony

Nicholas Owens &
Justin Shaw

On  October 13th, 2017
at   7:00 pm, PST

In  The Main Chapel

Welcome this is how it Started

It was a warm, sunny June day in Oklahoma City. Nick was working at Starbucks at the time and the year was 2010. Nick had to go to another Starbucks location to pick up some cups because his location was running low. When Nick walked back into his location, that's when Justin first saw him. Justin had only lived in OKC for a few months and was still getting acclimated to where everything was located and Google led him to Nick's Starbucks(I'm sure it was fate). A few minutes after seeing Nick, Justin got up to order a beverage. This continued for the next hour of Justin ordering multiple beverages and finally, Nick was able to take a break. Nick wondered into the cafe and strategically picked a comfortable chair, close to Justin. Justin asked about another beverage (tea, I believe). One thing lead to another and we continued to talk for a few minutes about random stuff. It was almost time to close and Justin was packing up to leave and he scribbled his number on a napkin and the rest is history.

The Proposal

It started with Nick sending Justin a weekly clue about a trip he had planned for them the week of their anniversary. Though Nick is generally horrible at keeping secrets he did a really good job and Justin didn't figure out the location until the final clue of Taylor Swift's, "Welcome to New York" was played backwards. The night of their anniversary Justin planned dinner at some random rooftop restaurant in order to make the final show of Jesse Tyler Ferguson's, Fully Committed. After the play Nick told Justin he had one more surprise. They started walking........and walking.......just kept walking....until they arrived at the Empire State Building. It was past 11 PM and the line was still wrapped around the building. Many of you may know this but Justin doesn't do well with lines. Nick told him to wait and came back a couple of minutes later with an attendant and two gold VIP wrist bands. The attendant stopped people, cut people off, and made sure everyone waiting in line thought they were celebrities. Eighty six  floors later it happened. Nick dropped down on one knee and went for it. Justin, being his charming self responded with, "Are you sure?" then an immediate "Yes!" 

A Las Vegas Wedding

With us, Vegas was the only option.


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